Yin Yoga Teacher Training Program Outline


Sample Day

  • Meditation
  • Yin Practice
  • Lecture 
  • Teaching Practice 

40 contact hours

20 distance hours

Course manual, assignments and quizzes will be provided.


THE THEORY: Yin and Yang. the dynamic duo.

  • By understanding the profound relationship between yin and yang, we gain deeper insight into how to live, work, practice, and heal with greater skill and harmony.
  • Yin Yoga: Who, what, where and why?

THE PRACTICE: Posture lab:Teaching methodology

  • Yin yoga postures demonstrated, observed, & discussed.
  • How to sequence a class skillfully.
  • Includes practice and teaching time. Receive and give supportive feedback in teaching style. What makes a good teacher and how to bring ‘you’ into your teaching while holding space for your students.
  • How to adapt the practice for different bodies, experience levels, themes, and contraindications.

THE BODY: Anatomy & Physiology:  Understanding the systems.

  • Yin & Yang aspects of the body (tissues, organs, systems, and energy)
  • Understanding connective tissue: fascia, bones, joints and ligaments and how they influence our practice, movement, and over all health.

THE MIND: Mindfulness Meditation: Quieting the     mind.

  • Understanding why and how to meditate. Most recent research and practical benefits.
  • The 4 noble truths. Central ideas of Buddhism.
  • Yin yoga preparing us to sit still. Mythology and meaning: Stories for yogis.
  • Understanding the stories behind our yoga postures help inform us how to more deeply embody our practice while stretching our imagination. 

THE SPARK: Chinese Medicine & yoga

  • Learn how the body is really one integrated system connected by the meridians.
  • Meridian mapping: Discovering the trajectory of the 6 meridians that travel through the hips, low back and legs.
  • The fantastic 5: Explore the 5 yin organs and their functions, the 5 emotions, the 5 body types and the 5 elements. So fun and insightful! 


  • Non-contact hours, theoretical and practical assignments are given to broaden your understanding, appreciation and love of the material.