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Chakra Tune-Up

Hypnotherapy and Restorative yoga allow the body to enter into a deep state of relaxation also known as a hypnogogic state.  In this state we become conscious of the unconscious functioning of the mind, revealing deeper understandings about ourselves and bringing to light areas of limitation and blockage that have been holding us back, without even realizing it. With the use of suggestive hypnotherapy, negative beliefs are removed and replacedwith more positive understandings about ourselves. 

In this restorative workshop we will explore the subconscious mind to access each major energy centre in the body and locate deficiencies.  The energy body is an aspect of ourselves that is overlooked because it cannot be seen and therefore we’ve deemed it a taboo subject matter. Many ancient culturesuse the energy body as the foundation to their medical systems. Now modern Western science is becoming more and more interested in these Eastern ideas. 

In the Chakra Tune-up workshop we will go through each chakra centre, recharging and stimulating them through positive affirmations, visualization, sound vibration ( a little bit of chanting) and hand gestures (mudhras) in order to energize each chakra and to bring them back to their vital, vibrant, most optimal state.  Restoring balance not only in the physical body but also the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies and bring harmony between all the aspects of the self. 

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Later Event: March 31
Yin & Restore @H'Om