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Tuesdays @ 12-1:30pm

Join this 4-week registered class session. Yogassage is a therapeutic stretch class which targets the joints, muscles and connective tissues of the body. Each yoga pose in held for 3-5 min. allowing the muscles enough time to release, moving the stretch into the deeper layers of the tissue. Thai Massage is incorporated in each pose to facilitate a deeper muscular release. Students will find that they have a greater range of motion, improved mobility and flexibility. This is a head to toe relaxing, restorative experience. Classes are small, limited to 4 students. A great deal of personal attention can be expected. $150 +GST



Tuesdays 2-3pm

This 5 week session is designed for those who what a gentle and soothing class that offers mindful movement to increase strength and balance. You will learn to connect to your body on a deeper level increasing your body awareness and body intelligence. The focus will be on breath-work, slow and gentle movements to open the joints, increasing range of motion and mobility, alignment and core stabilization. $100 + GST

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Yin & Restore

Thursdays 12-1:15pm

Join this 5-week registered class session. This specialty class combines, both Yin and Restorative yoga to increase your mobility and range of motion while restoring the nervous system. Deep but gentle stretches, with long holds open up the body, while completely supported with the use of eye-pillows, flax-bags, bolsters, blankest and blocks. A great deal of personal attention can be expected as Monica likes to be hand-on with her assists. This soothing, meditative, self-care class will restore balance between the mind and body and will up lift your heart. $100 + GST

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Yoga Nidra

Thursdays 2-3pm

In this 5-Week session, you will be led into a deep state of relaxation through a guided sequence of Restorative yoga poses while practicing Yoga Nidra. We will focus on the 10 steps of iRest-Yoga Nidra developed by Richard Miller Ph.D. Designed to support psychological health, well-being, and spiritual freedom. iRest Helps participants rediscover how to live a contented life, free of conflict and fear. Open the mind and body to its inherent ground of interconnected wholeness with all of life. $100+ GST