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Monica's passion for yoga led her to India to further her studies in yoga and yogic philosophy. The precept of "right livelihood" inspired her to devote and dedicate herself to a life of service. She hopped off an academic career track,  of studying ancient religious traditions  and now prefers to remain a student of life in pursuit of ancient wisdom, knowledge, health and wellness. Monica was greatly influenced by a unique yoga studio in Toronto, which took a therapeutic approach to yoga by incorporating Osteopathy in its programming. This led to a deeper understanding of how yoga can be used as a means to heal the human body, mind and soul. She immersed herself in Toronto's vast yogic community, attending workshops, seminars and trainings held by some of yoga's most renowned teachers such as Rodney and Colleen Yee, Sean Corn, Tod Norian, Ann Green, Judith Lasater and Ted Grand to name just a few. Monica trained under Thai Master Suvijek Janthovong, aka Ajan Lit, from one of Thailand's esteemed Medical Societies. As a Practitioner of Thai Massage, Monica developed her own brand of yoga called Thai Yin Yogassage. She incorporates Thai massage techniques into her classes, a practice which assists students in attaining deep stretches and muscular releases, promoting relaxation and an overall sense of well-being. As a yoga therapist, Monica is passionate about Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, Meditation, Bio Energetic Healing, Reiki and Pranayama breathing. It is her strong belief that yoga is an essential practice for everyone given our fasted-paced society. "We all need to slow down and catch our breath. After all Prana is the force of life and if we deprive ourselves of breath we deprive ourselves of life". You can catch Monica teaching  at Yoga Public and at the Reh-Fit Centre or you can book your own private yoga therapy session at her h'Om Studio. 

being in one of Monica’s classes is simply hypnotic
— Kerri